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Linear floodlight


A floodlight is a lamp that specifies that the illumination on the illuminated surface is higher than the surrounding environment.


A floodlight is a lamp that specifies that the illumination on the illuminated surface is higher than the surrounding environment. Also known as a spotlight. Usually, it can aim in any direction and has a structure that is not affected by climate conditions. Mainly used for large-scale mining sites, building contours, sports stadiums, overpasses, monuments, parks, flower beds, etc. Therefore, almost all the large area lighting fixtures used outdoors can be regarded as project lights. The angle of the outgoing beam of the projection lamp varies from wide to narrow, ranging from 0 ° to 180 °, among which the beam is particularly narrow is called Searchlight.
The floodlight consists of three parts: optical components, mechanical components, and electrical components. The optical components mainly include reflectors and light blocking grids that restrict light. The mechanical components mainly include the casing, as well as the focusing mechanism for fixing and adjusting the position of the light source, the bracket and base for fixing the lamp, and the parts with angle indicators for adjusting the direction of the lamp beam projection. For the vast majority of enclosed floodlights, mechanical components include protective glass and various sealing rings. According to the needs of the usage environment, some also come with metal mesh covers. The high-performance floodlight is also equipped with an air filter. The electrical components mainly include ballasts, capacitors, triggers (designed according to the needs of the light source), etc.
The floodlight can be installed and used individually, or multiple lights can be combined and installed on poles above 20m, forming a high pole lighting device. In addition to its beautiful appearance, centralized maintenance, reduced lamp poles, and floor space, the biggest advantage of this device is its strong lighting function. When light is projected from a high altitude, the spatial brightness of the environment is high, and the light coverage is large, giving people a feeling similar to day, thus having high lighting quality and visual effects.
To meet the minimum safety performance requirements for outdoor use, the housing protection level of the floodlight should be IP3 (open type). In order to improve the durability of lighting fixtures and reduce maintenance workload, people are increasingly paying attention to the development of sealed floodlights with high one-time investment costs, and their shell protection level is IP55.
In order to further improve the light output ratio of lamps, reflectors tend to adopt block surface reflectors that are conducive to reducing light blocking of light sources and multi focal reflectors that meet special lighting requirements; The surface treatment of reflective surfaces tends to adopt new materials and processes to achieve a reflectance of over 96%.
In order to reduce the weight of lamps and reduce the consumption of metal materials, the lamp shell will develop towards a plastic shell with high temperature resistance, high mechanical strength and aging resistance.