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LED flat panel purification light




LED purification lights can continuously generate negative ions, making the air fresh and clean. It can effectively eliminate smoke and odors in the air, and eliminate bacteria and viruses.


LED purification lights can continuously generate negative ions, making the air fresh and clean. It can effectively eliminate smoke and odors in the air, and eliminate bacteria and viruses. LED purification lamp, also known as formaldehyde purification lamp, is a perfect combination of complex equipment that generates negative ions and high-efficiency energy-saving lamps after miniaturization. When illuminated by light, a large amount of negative ions can be generated and dispersed in the space, thereby achieving various effects such as smoke and dust removal, odor removal, disinfection, sterilization, and pollution removal. It is widely used in hotels, hotels, offices, conference rooms, homes, tea houses, singing halls, internet cafes, and other leisure and entertainment venues. It is an excellent product for improving air quality and eliminating harmful gases such as formaldehyde and benzene.
The working principle of LED purification lights is that they excite a large number of negative ions, which can quickly purify the smoke and particulate pollutants suspended in the air, and at the same time, they can sterilize, thereby purifying the air and preventing pollution. Provide a fresh and healthy natural air throughout the entire space. Three quarters of a person's life is spent indoors. According to expert research, the level of indoor air pollution is multiple times that of outdoors. Therefore, it is urgent to purify indoor air, prevent pollution, and create an indoor ecological environment for the sake of human health!
The LED purification lamp adopts low-temperature plasma technology. When illuminated by the lamp, a micro negative ion emitter in the middle of the energy-saving lamp instantly releases high concentrations of negative ions, which evenly spread to every corner of the space under lighting. When negative ions combine with pathogenic cells in the air, the internal energy transfer structure of the cells changes, leading to their death. It also makes benzene, toluene, formaldehyde, smoke, dust, pollen and other particles floating in the air collect and naturally settle, so as to purify the air.
At the same time, the product can produce about 0.05PPM ozone, which can completely remove the smoke, fishy smell, foul smell and other odors in the air. It can also kill more than 85% of the harmful bacteria in the air, such as Escherichia coli and mold, and can also decompose the oxidation odor and chemical volatiles (benzene, formaldehyde, etc.).
Waterproof purification lamp is also called clean lamp;
1、 Purification lamp structure:
1. Shell: Made of high-quality electrophoretic aluminum material. The plugs on both sides are made of ABS material. The surface of the lamp is treated with electrostatic spray molding, with strong powder adhesion, uniform and bright appearance, and it is not easy to peel off after long-term use.
2. Lamp shade: It is made of impact resistant and anti-aging PC material, with soft milky light and excellent brightness of transparent color. Built in high-purity aluminum reflector, with reasonable light distribution, creating a high brightness and comfortable lighting environment. Optional mirror material to meet the aesthetic and lighting needs of various occasions.
Waterproof purification lamps are applicable to pharmaceutical industry, biochemical industry, Food processing, etc. All areas requiring purification, GMP clean rooms (purification workshops), waterproof areas, supermarkets, venues, parking lots, basements, etc. need to use these lamps for lighting.